Spiritual Restoration

When you are hurting you are most vulnerable. You are being oppressed, through oppression comes your methods of suppression, out of suppression comes depression, depression lures obsession which leads to possession which is a confession you’ve had in your personal – session with yourself. It is not easy to fall into sin as some think: there is a whole process of thought and physical work you have to do against the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

STILL I RISE is a healing and restoration program designed for lay persons of God who are or have experienced life’s behavioral and addictive challenges and are

working to reclaim victory in their lives. The program will aid in helping to reestablish an uncompromising relationship with God, self and loved ones, restoring them to wholeness and service to God.

STILL I RISE focuses on the recovery of leaders such as Pastors, Preachers, Teachers, Apostles, Evangelists, Missionaries, Directors and Outreach workers in any capacity. We encourage churches, ministries and organizations to join with us in sending those who could use our services. We encourage partnerships so that lay persons may also receive the benefit of our services in being reconnected with a new church home or a place to be able to start over.

We believe that restoration of leaders need to come through more than just attending conventions and revivals by spending time away with their ultimate leader who is Jehovah God (Jesus Christ our Lord). We also will encourage aspiring leaders to participate. We have a responsibility to our fallen brothers and sisters according to Galatians 6:1, “If any man be overtaken in a fault you who are spiritual go and restore such a one in meekness, and consider it lest you fall.” It is our job and duty to show love to one another that all men may know we are God’s disciples.