Global Mission Outreach

SSRGM is an evangelical missions organization providing Christian training, counseling and relief both nationally and internationally. Dedicated to the commandment to proclaim the Gospel to all the world and disciple people of all nations, Son Rise Global Ministries works in

collaboration with indigenous Christian leaders in developing countries.


Son Rise Global Ministries provides opportunities for effective Christian leaders and laity to develop unique partnerships with the ministries and National leaders we serve. These “partnerships” provide United States Christians with a method to significantly impact the world for Christ through indigenous ministries and evangelical outreach activities.  We move forward with the belief that this ministry is the Lord’s and a gift to the Body of Christ. Our core values in ministry are defined by our commitment to teach God’s people and bring them into maturity of faith. We further believe that our faith in and obedience to the vision of the Lord that He reveals for this ministry is essential to our fulfillment of Ephesians 4:11-13; and because of that we say…

“The message of Jesus Christ has never changed and it never will,

but the method of taking the Gospel to all nations has always changed,

and it always will!”


Our mission fields are broad and varied, with work being done in Liberia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Johannesburg, South Africa, South America and nationally within the United States. Each field has its own unique circumstance and obvious need; however, because the call of this ministry is to evangelize and train nationals to evangelize their own, the work is analogous from one field to the next. It is through this ministry of training that we recognize the needs of each individual region and work with the nationals to bring about change.


  • The scope of our ministry includes:
  • Ministerial Training
  • Individual or Group Spiritual Counseling & Training
  • HIV/AIDS Counseling and Education
  • Healing Waters Information Centers
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Teen Issues e.g., sexual pressure, smoking, etc.
  • Literacy Programs
  • Marriage Counseling and Biblical Training
  • New Church Planting
  • Home for Unwed Mothers – Zimhabwe * (still in planning stages)


Since its inception, the ministry has travelled extensively impacting impoverished areas of the world with the Word and the love of God. Son Rise Global Ministries has been working to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, applying the principle that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ignorance is as good as a death sentence.


It is our goal to give the people a choice by educating them and hopefully help foster a mindset of prevention. The ministry teaches those without skills that which is necessary to be self-supporting. The ministry also teaches them the truth about who they are, in Christ.  Son Rise Global Ministries has eagerly hosted conferences, seminars, revivals, and crusades as well as participated and supported local and affiliated ministries with outreach ventures.


A new age has arrived, we began to instruct the Christian leadership on how to train their people for ministry.   While the methods may change, one of the constants is keeping a servant’s heart.  We continue to find out how we can best serve and what the leadership in those countries need. That is what we must continue to build on. We are building on the past, the history, the understanding, and the relationships while embracing the future. We employ many methods for reaching the world for Christ.


Looking back over these past 25 years is fulfilling as we see the production and changes we have participated in for Christ.  Looking forward, we anticipate greater things for God. It is our goal to serve God’s purpose in our generation and to pass the mantle to the next generation.