Leadership Development

School of Ministry

Son Rise School of Ministry was founded in 1985, by Dr. Hamilton, and later progressed in 1998 to Son Rise School of Ministry and Missions Training.


The vision of SRGSM is to be a Bible school that teaches the Word of God with simplicity and understanding so that it may be applied in the everyday life of the believer in a practical and effective manner.


    The purpose of Son Rise School of Ministry (SRGSM):

  • To teach each student to recognize their calling and to equip them so they may effectively minister in the area to which they have been called.
  • To bring each student into a place of maturity in which they will live by precept and example in the integrity of God’s Word.
  • To teach basic foundational truths of God’s Word so that each student will have a biblically based foundation (Hebrews 6:1).
  • To teach each student how to apply biblical truths to everyday life by studying and researching God’s Word.
  • To assist those who are not called into the five-fold ministry to recognize his/her Motivational Gift(s) and its job description (Romans 12).
  • To teach each student how to use Bible helps (e.g. dictionaries, commentaries, thesauruses, topical Bibles, concordances, etc.) to aide in the study of God’s Word.
  • To ensure that each student will be able to present the Word of God effectively and clearly to the world and to the Body of Christ.
  • To provide mobilized Bible training to those in rural areas and to ensure that each is capable of reading and writing.



Our goals for SRGSM are to:

  • Bring about a practical and spiritual balance in the life of each student utilizing the Word of God;
  • Encourage a daily practice of prayer and bible study to promote Spiritual growth;
  • Help each student develop leadership skills; and
  • Overcome the challenge of reaching all people of all nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.