About Us

We at SON RISE GLOBAL MINISTRIES, Inc. are committed to serving God through the equipping of leaders in sound biblical doctrine so they in turn will meet the needs of and for the body of Christ by using biblical principles of spirituality. We offer practical tools for living a Spirit-filled life with God’s divine nature. Wherever people may be in their spiritual journey, Son Rise Global Ministries, Inc. offers a wealth of opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and development.

Son Rise Global Ministries, Inc. is a non-denominational, evangelical outreach applying wholly the word of God in nature. In service, we facilitate fellowship of various ministries and churches which recognizes the need for apostolic accountability, networking, fellowship and resource facilitation. We are not a denomination nor does fellowshipping with us legally bind those who choose to affiliate with us. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide a broad range of spiritual, educational and professional benefits to assist churches and ministries in fulfilling their respective roles in the Body of Christ. The service and fellowship our ministry provides benefits churches locally, nationally, and internationally.

We aspire to strengthen your knowledge in Jesus Christ – at every point in their life, and will encourage you through prayer, Bible study, ministerial training and active service at our conferences, workshops and seminars.

We would love to hear from you! Please go to our ‘Contact Us’ page and send a quick email about your needs, prayer requests, concerns or thoughts. We are here for you in whatever capacity your need exist.