We take our covenant relationship with God seriously for it is the pattern in which we establish covenant with others of life precious faith. While it is true that Son Rise Global Ministries officially represents the ministers and churches under its spiritual oversight and affiliation, our decisions and actions are entirely based on policies adopted by our Governing Body through continual and consistent fasting and prayer in seeking the Lord for direction by the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, when one asks, “What does SRGM do for me and my church or ministry?” the answer is, it can only assist in proportion to the measure of loyalty, sacrifice and cooperation extended to SRGM by those who choose to covenant in partnership with us.”

Here are some of the benefits that your church and ministries are afforded while in covenant relationship with us.

AFFILATION: To be affiliated with SRGM indicates affiliation in a recognized, respected and proven evangelical body. It’s an organization made up of born-again, Spirit filled, and Spirit-led people who love the Lord and purpose to do His commandments. Our organization stands upon God’s Holy Word, the whole counsel of God, and we refuse to compromise the Scriptures. The doctrines, as taught in God’s Word, cannot and will not be compromised.

FELLOWSHIP: Our fellowship with brethren of like-precious-faith is a wall of strength against all diabolic devices of Satan. All special functions, on a regional, as well as national level are provided for the purpose of bringing spiritual growth and maturity, to the affiliate leadership and to the congregation.

AUTONOMY: Each church or ministry affiliated or associated with SRGM shall be free to exercise its own governance in autonomous determination. We will provide assist if requested, in establishing the appropriate governmental structure to maintain compliance not only with God’s precepts but also with the laws of the land.

STANDARDS: SRGM maintains high scriptural and moral standards, a code of ethics, and rules of behavior for churches, and ministers and their membership. These rules represent criteria that assist in keeping our movement pure, honest, accountable and spiritual.

COMMUNICATION: The flow of information from Headquarters and from our various departments is designed to bring encouragement, and contributes to the progress of the work of God.

DEPARTMENTS: In addition to our Headquarters functions and departments, we have in place regional overseers who are ready to assist in facilitating leadership development, spiritual restoration, and missions outreach.

ANNUAL CONVENTIONS: Our covenant affiliates benefit when participating in our annual conventions. The purpose of our Annual Conventions is to give inspiration through spiritual development, as well as to conduct necessary business.

FOREIGN and HOME MISSIONS: Our Mission Outreach program is currently affiliated and associated with four (4) countries on the continent of Africa and one country in South America and soon will be expanding to other countries. This program enables every local church and ministry that is affiliated with SRGM to participate in world evangelization. SRGM provides opportunities for every locality, to plant churches and to assist in areas where most needed.

SRGM provides a “Proxy-Parent Program”, providing the opportunity to adopt abandoned children on the continents of Africa and South America and in other countries.