Global Mission Outreach
SSRGM is an evangelical missions organization providing Christian training, counseling and relief both nationally and internationally. Dedicated to the commandment to proclaim the Gospel to all the world and disciple people of all nations, Son Rise Global Ministries works in collaboration with indigenous Christian leaders in developing countries.   Son Rise Global Ministries provides opportunities ... Global Mission Outreach
Leadership Development
School of Ministry Son Rise School of Ministry was founded in 1985, by Dr. Hamilton, and later progressed in 1998 to Son Rise School of Ministry and Missions Training. OUR VISION The vision of SRGSM is to be a Bible school that teaches the Word of God with simplicity and understanding so that it may ... Leadership Development
Spiritual Restoration
When you are hurting you are most vulnerable. You are being oppressed, through oppression comes your methods of suppression, out of suppression comes depression, depression lures obsession which leads to possession which is a confession you’ve had in your personal – session with yourself. It is not easy to fall into sin as some think: ... Spiritual Restoration