School of Ministry

A new horizon awaits you as you embark on a journey of higher education through Son Rise School of Ministry.


  • To bring each student into a level of maturity in which they will
    live by example of God’s word.
  • To teach basic fundamental truths of God’s Word so that each
    student will have a biblical foundation (Hebrews 6:1)
  • To teach how to apply biblical truths to everyday life by studying and researching the Word of God.
  • To teach how to use Bible helps (such as dictionaries ,”commentaries, thesauruses, topical Bibles, concordances, etc.) to aide in the study of God’s Word.”
  • To assist those who are not called into the Five-Fold Ministry to recognize the Motivational Gifts and its job description (Romans 12)
  • To make sure that each student will be able to present the Word of God effectively and clearly to the world and the Body of Christ.

Church Leadership & Administration

Leadership in church is one of the biggest challenges that the church is facing because without strong leadership, the Church rarely lives out its redemptive potentials.

The Church Leadership Program is a 1 year study course that consist of a 12 part series that will cover church leadership and administration. This course is set up for individuals that believe they have a five-fold ministry call on their lives. Hands on teaching and training will be implemented to develop gifting’s and knowledge of spiritual leadership.

Each session is four weeks at a cost of $100.00 a class. The total cost of the one year Church Leadership program will cost $1200.00 if all sessions are taken. If a student is interested in the ordination process at the end of the program, after taken all classes then recommendations will be sent to the ordination board of Sunrise Ministries lntemational. Each student will receive a certification graduation process at programs end.

The 12 Course Church Leadership & Administration Program series include:

  • Ministries
  • Making of a leader
  • Church Leadership & Administration
  • Divinity
  • Steps to Spiritual Maturity
  • Nouthetic Counseling
  • Prophets & Prophecy
  • Principles of Hermeneutics
  • Old testament/New Testament Survey
  • The Study of Religion & Cults
  • Ecclesiology Parts 1 & 2
  • What the Bible says about Women in Ministry

Missions and Outreach Program Vision

To teach the Word of God to other nations. and to train individuals seeking “missionary experience to address common global issues throughout the world. Our trainings will address preparation for trips ,ways and means of service, hands on practical application of ministry, research, planning and executing of cooperative projects.”

Course Description: 8-week course
Class dates ……………… Monday & Wednesday 7:00-8:00 p.m
Course cost ……………… $ 150.00
Certificate upon completion of course
Missions Trip Cost: ……………………… Cost: TBA

Our missions training course prepares individual groups to effectively navigate “through the obstacles of global missionary work. We train laborers to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ locally and abroad We offer an 8-week training course that will help develop cultural awareness, outreach techniques, pre-missions trip training & processing, and cooperative project-based training.”